Next Workshop - Sat. 10/26, 10am-1pm, $40, POiNT Health Collective

This workshop will evoke the essence of the Enneagram. We will learn how to orient toward the essential sacred natures of the types, subtypes, and centers. The personalities will be explored as misorientated seeking for essence/happiness.

This workshop serves as an introduction to the Enneagram - you will receive a solid foundation of the personality types - understood to be the result of our misoriented seeking for essence. You do not need to know your type and you will likely leave with a good sense of your type. That said, this perspective is not about identifying strongly with one type - we have all the types and the sacred essence that shines through each type. Each type is a doorway to sacred perception and you will experience wholeness from knowing yourself in every aspect of the Enneagram - types, subtypes, and centers.

This workshop is also good for folks who are established with the Enneagram including other teachers - it is a much more focused and deeper look at essence than normally offered. The most unique aspect of this perspective is the way the personalities are understood - the result of misorientation. The only “work” from this perspective is seeing how to orient toward essence/happiness. There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way.



The Ecstatic Enneagram is a path of truth - profound spiritual awakening - discovering who you are beyond conceptual and physical limitation - and living from wisdom, love, and happiness.

Tammy has been studying the Enneagram for over 20 years and teaching it for 6. She was first exposed to the Enneagram in her teens when her mother studied with Oscar Ichazo in his Arica School. In her 20s, Tammy studied extensively with her mother and numerous other masters, particularly Tom Condon and Eli Jaxon-Bear.

In 2013, Tammy envisioned and founded the Enneagram School of Asheville (now the Enneagram School of Awakening) with her mother. They taught as a team for 5 years and then decided to differentiate their work.

Over the last 2 years, Tammy has been developing her new work on essence and sacred perception - The Ecstatic Enneagram. She is working on a book about spiritual awakening and the Enneagram, and she is ecstatic to share these workshops on her new, unique, and provocative material!

It is very stressful and often traumatic to seek for love and happiness where it does not abide - in the objects and stories of our life. This misorientation fuels judgment, envy, jealousy, avoidance, and longing.

Happiness can shine through our stories but it does not abide there - it is reflected in our experiences but it is rooted beyond them. 

The 9 points (“types”) on the Enneagram are much more than personality types - they are doorways to ecstatic natures of reality. It is only through these doorways that we may discover true happiness.


9 Doorways of Sacred Perception


True Integrity is the sacred perfection and intelligent design that pervades all of life. Discover purity and perfection in the fabric of life - even when it shapes itself into “flaws”. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of judgement, feeling flawed, and the need to be right.


True Love is found in the warm embracing presence of this moment. Life itself is a movement of love that embraces all experiences unconditionally. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of feeling guilty for the suffering of others, feeling betrayed by others, and the need to sacrifice our own needs. 


True Wholeness is the complete fullness of the fabric of this moment. Discover sacred fulfillment in the causeless wholeness of this moment. The now is complete - there is nothing is missing and no-thing to add. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of endless striving, feeling incomplete, inadequate, and “imposter syndrome”.


True Radiance and Beauty is found in the vibration of Life itself. This moment is completely unique and precious. When we know the inner realm of love - the radiant core of Consciousness - we see beauty in all it’s creations. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of self-hate, inferiority, superiority, and feeling disconnected.


True stillness and peace is discovered as the exquisite “screen” on which all the activities of Life appear. This moment - the now - is made of emptiness, stillness, silence. It is inherently peaceful regardless of the content. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of hiding, isolating, withholding, and an exaggerated need to self-preserve.


True trust is found in the eternal nature of reality. This moment - the now - has no beginning and no ending - it is eternal and cannot be harmed by the activities of life. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of worry, preparing for danger, exaggerated loyalty, self-doubt and the need to please. 

JOY - 7

True Joy is discovered as a vibration emanating from source - the endless and liberated “smile of life”. This moment - the now - is completely fresh and new, which makes it exciting, ecstatic, and joyful. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of trying to eliminate negativity, controlling for joy, living for the next moment, and an exaggerated need for adventure.


True Innocence is untouched by our life experiences and stories. Discover profound power in the raw and vulnerable openness of this moment. Opening this door frees us from patterns of punishment, vilification, and an exaggerated need to protect and defend.  


True Oneness is the “fabric” of life - our ever-present field of aware being. The experience of separation occurs within Oneness, it is made of Oneness, and most importantly it is experienced by Oneness. Opening this door frees us from painful patterns of in-authenticity, inertia, passivity, and a need to avoid confrontation and intensity.  

3 Centers of Divine Experience


Your body is how/where the Divine senses itself and it’s your portal to an infinite energetic field of being. Our body center holds the foundational qualities of Consciousness - Innocence, Oneness, and Integrity.


Your mind is how/where Source creates all that is and it’s your portal to eternity. Our head center holds the expansive and eternal qualities of Consciousness - Stillness, Stability, and Joy.


Your heart is how/where the Beloved embraces all that is and it’s your portal to unconditionally loving presence. Our heart center holds the relational qualities of Consciousness - Love, Wholeness, and Radiance.

3 Realms of Soul Purpose


Happiness is found when we align with our soul’s purpose. Individuation is the path of the “self-preservation” subtype. Individuation is the mystical process of making peace with the past, freeing your victim, and stepping into your unique expression as authentically as possible.


Experiencing love and intimacy with others is the path of the “sexual” subtype. This is the soul’s sacred desire to live with a wide open heart and experience true intimacy with everyone. This is the realm of experiencing the beloved in another - letting distinctions dissolve and seeing your own sacred presence in the eyes of another.


We are also here at this particular time to serve the collective and influence the planet. The “social” subtype is the soul’s desire or commitment to help evolve this world. This is the realm of experiencing yourself, the beloved, in the group and knowing that every member of the collective is your very own self.