Spiritual Awakeners Group

  • 1st Wednesdays each month beginning Feb 6th | 6:30pm-8pm

  • POiNT Health Collective in West AVL (directions will follow your RSVP) 

  • For anyone who RSVPs

  • Free at first - eventual $10-20 donation

  • Just yourself and your curious heart

My spiritual orientation is largely Nondual from the Advaita Vedanta and Tantric traditions. Some of my language will come from these traditions but I will always only share from my direct experience. This group is not tied to any spiritual or religious tradition or practice - anything that relates to spiritual awakening is welcome!

My vision is that this group will be about 60% discussion and 40% practice. I will lead a discussion on Spiritual Awakening and we will meditate. Each group may include:  

  • Discussion on Consciousness, Nonduality, and Spiritual Awakening

  • Guided meditations to help us subjectively recognize Consciousness 

  • Guided meditations to help us explore the nature of Consciousness

  • Quartz crystal singing bowl sound baths 

The essence of this group will be to support each other in directly recognizing what I call Consciousness (AKA Presence, Awareness, "the Witness", "the I Am", Oneness, etc) and to explore ways to fully integrate our awakenings into our in our body-minds and lives.