WELCOME. My orientation integrates the wisdom and techniques of traditional psychological pathways with diverse spiritual traditions. To me, psychological healing is sacred work and spiritual awakening helps to heal the psyche.

I use techniques that empower self-awareness, self-compassion, and intimacy with others - essentials for living an authentic, sacred, and fulfilled life. I love working with people who are drawn to holistic healing and the weaving of spiritual and psychological pathways. 


My office is located within the POiNT Health Collective in West Asheville



My practice is grounded in the wisdom and techniques of

My therapeutic presence is grounded by my direct experiences with the consciousness and energy traditions of Non-Dual Tantra and Advaita Vedanta.

I co-founded the Enneagram School of Asheville and this system is also very important in my practice. 


Most compassionate, helpful, self-realized and fully grounded therapists I have seen. And there have been many - sadly, many bad ones. Tammy is of the highest quality. Caring. Considerate. And with healthy boundaries. For you and with herself. So important when looking for a trustful person to share secrets of your life. I have learned so much. I understand myself more. And she can be with you for the intense things of life - not just the little things. She has so much. Kind. Sweet.
— anonymous client