I practice Clinical Hypnosis and Regression Hypnosis. Many of my clients have found hypnotherapy sessions to be a powerful supplement to our on-going psychotherapy work.

The hypnosis sessions I provide are 90-120 minutes and generally begin after a psychotherapeutic relationship has formed through talk-therapy. 

A hypno-psychotherapist differs from a hypnotherapist in that we have also undertaken training in psychotherapy theory and practice. This means I am competent to address deeper themes that may not be able to be addressed with hypnotherapy alone (for example trauma). 


    • explore unconscious material and experiences
    • connect with a more mature, wise, expanded level of consciousness 
    • connect with a more playful, spontaneous, care-free sense of self
    • connect with positive feelings
    • remember details from the past
    • heal trauma from the past
    • re-experience a desired feeling
    • reclaim power
    • reclaim a talent or skill
    • release a fear or phobia
    • eliminate habits
    • find the source of an illness

    You are the sky. Everything else – it’s just the weather.
    — Pema Chödrön