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I have integrated my training in transpersonal hypnosis and sound therapy to create a unique treatment that stimulates, accelerates, and deepens your psycho-spiritual transformation. 

I use pure sound frequencies from my crystal bowls to entrain brainwaves from the normal beta state (waking consciousness) where stress occurs to alpha state (relaxed consciousness), theta state (meditative) and delta (sleep; where deep healing can occur). While moving you through these states through the sound vibration, I introduce hypnotic guidance specific to your personal psycho-spiritual desires. 

The session usually begins with me guiding you into a deep and expansive transpersonal state of Consciousness. Throughout the session I play a spectrum of high quality quartz crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 hertz - a frequency that is fundamental to sacred geometry and said to be the natural frequency of the universe. The frequency of these bowls bring a soothing beautiful vibration into your being - the resonance not only entrains your brainwaves but it literally travels through the your entire body because our bodies are 70-90% water.

In these sessions, you experience a deep level of relaxation, peace, stillness and beauty in your mental, emotional, and physical systems. Through my transpersonal hypnosis techniques I can help you begin to experience or deepen your existing experience of your infinite and eternal nature as Consciousness. I individualize each session to ignite, accelerate, and/or deepen your unique psychospiritual needs. 

During these sessions, I use a MediCrystal far infrared amethyst biomat, which is a healing technology of light, heat and crystal. You can lay on my biomat placed along large zen cushions on the floor. The biomat accelerates relaxation and deepens these sessions even more.