I have been providing psychotherapy to adolescents and adults since 2004. I completed a masters degree in 2006 and became licensed in 2009. I completed a year of advanced doctoral training in psychodynamic theory and technique in 2011.

In addition to my private practice I have held clinical positions in many mental health settings in Gainesville, FL and San Francisco, CA. I have experience as an administrative and clinical supervisor and have developed numerous community programs. I co-founded The Enneagram Center of Asheville in 2014.

I continuously invest in my own holistic growth - I see life as an endless journey of opening, healing, growing, and awakening deeper and deeper. I feel that a therapist's own sense of well-being and state of consciousness is as important as her training and experience.


Institute for Clinical Social Work, PhD Training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Florida State University, Masters in Clinical Social Work

University of Florida, B.A. in Anthropology


I am mindful and humanistic and have a deep respect for relationships. My approach is intuitive and evolves as I get a sense of each person's individual needs and intentions. 

My general objective is to explore and resolve coping mechanisms (patterned thoughts, feelings and behaviors) that inhibit well-being. Our natural capacity to heal and self-regulate is undermined by life stressors. Holistic healing involves accepting, experiencing, and resolving wounds in our mental, emotional, physical, and energetic systems. I help my clients increase awareness and release tensions throughout the whole self. 

I integrate techniques and theories from many healing modalities. I use a system called the Enneagram to help clients deepen self-compassion. I provide hypnotherapy sessions to help people experience more expanded states of consciousness and deepen the healing process. My direct experiences with spirituality - consciousness, awareness, non-dual wisdom, energy work, etc. - help ground and open the meeting space and deepen my counseling with clients both verbally and non-verbally.   


I am from Gainesville FL and spent some time living in the San Francisco bay area. I moved to Asheville in 2014 to be closer to family and because I love the mountains and community. I am married with 2 little ones and 2 fun-loving dogs.

I care deeply about my relationships and work to keep my intimate connections mutually nourishing. I love being with friends and family, gardening, cleaning, hiking, exploring community events and good food. 

Spirituality has been so much of my life journey, particularly over the last 15 years. While I am not religious, I am very drawn to the mystical side of all religion. I was not raised with religion and luckily have little spiritual "baggage" - though I am empathetic to spiritual wounds in others. In my early-20s I began a journey of spiritual awakening that is still very alive and continues to evolve and integrate within my personal story. 

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete.
— Jack Kornfield