Institute for Clinical Social Work, PhD Training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy

Florida State University, Masters in Clinical Social Work

University of Florida, B.A. in Anthropology

I began practicing psychotherapy in 2004 at the VA Medical System where I held various clinical, leadership, coordinator and development positions. In 2010 I started a traditional psychodynamic private practice that evolved into psychospirituality.  

For the last 6 years, motherhood has been my psycho-spiritual path. Having babies brought me into an embodiment phase of awakening. Prior to this becoming a mama, I had over a decade of personal psychoanalysis and profound spiritual awakenings along a path of contemporary non-duality. Mothering has shown me how much spiritual awakening has to do with the heart and the whole physical body. Mothering has deepened my appreciation of non-duality by making it more visceral.

Mothering has shown me that Consciousness can be experienced in the sensations of the body. Our physical bodies are sense organs of Divine Awareness and every sensation is sacred. Mothering has made me more real and shown me how much shadow can remain after our profound spiritual realizations. 

Bonding with my children has opened my heart and taught me a sacred energetic lesson of balancing strength and openness. The difference between knowing that I love my children and truly loving them is a divine balance of power and surrender that expands my heart endlessly.

Opportunities for spiritual growth in my attachment relationships are endless. The frictions that arise around intimacy and attachments are disturbing blessings. These energies heal and transmute my psychological and karmic knots. I experience the sacred more profoundly in my human attachments and I’ve learned being fully human is essential for holistic, embodied spiritual maturity. 

As my kids move out of their toddler years, I love having more space to breath, practice, and stretch into writing a book and offering spiritual friendship in my private practice.

I am LGBTQ+ supportive. Many of my closest family, friends, mentors, counselors and spiritual teachers are members of the LGBTQ+ community. To me, authenticity at every level is essential to happiness and freedom. I've had the opportunity to help friends in this community make peace with the past, release unsupportive relationships, and become empowered to embody authenticity.


I grew up in a “new-age” culture - natural lifestyles, astrology, the enneagram, eastern religions and subtle energy realms were normal. I always felt a deep sense of my own presence and this helped to quicken my spiritual path later in life. 

Around 19 I came out of a protective fog and discovered a profound desire to be more conscious and to explore Consciousness. Being more conscious made me realize how deeply I had been disheartened by the stress and trauma of life. At that time, my mom invited me to explore spirituality and I began a year of intense spiritual practice. During this period, I experienced a series of intense and profound spiritual awakenings - including a major awakening to nondual Consciousness. This freedom drew me to enter a graduate program in counseling.

After graduate school I started doing silent retreats with an important spiritual teacher. During her retreats I had deep realizations of divine wisdom, which deepened my earlier spiritual experiences. Around this time, I moved with my husband to San Francisco and the bay area spiritual community opened my heart. All the spiritual teachers I had been reading and watching online for over a decade were at my fingertips and I attended retreats and spiritual meetings at every chance. 

In San Francisco, I met a teacher with a heart-centered style. I sat with him individually for a year and my heart center opened well beyond any previous awakening experiences. I had no idea there was so much love and expansion possible in the heart center - I had no idea my heart center was “asleep” before meeting him. 

Being with spiritual communities in the bay area and having an integral role in one particular community was beyond my dreams - I felt so at home. But my husband and I wanted to settle and have a child in a slower place so we moved to Asheville NC and began our family.

This is when life itself and ordinary human experience really became my teacher. My son opened my heart even wider - I was immersed in love with him for 2 years, which was by far the most beautiful experience of my life. When he was just over 2, my surprise daughter was born at home in a beautifully conscious and powerful space. Through Olive my path has become brighter, stronger, and has taken a divine feminine orientation.

I am devoted to integrating my spiritual truth into all dimensions of my life - bringing it into light more and more - and sharing my heart as fully and powerfully as possible. 


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