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Spiritual Awakening & Meditation


POiNT Health Collective, Beverly Rd Building, Room 1

This group is for people who have a sense of Consciousness (presence, awareness, "the witness", the "I Am", oneness, etc) and wish to deepen into this direct experience and integrate it more fully in their life. This post describes more about this process. 

This group is about 60% discussion and 40% practice. I lead a teaching on Spiritual Awakening and offer direction with meditation and inquiry practices that encourage direct realizations. Each group may include:  

  • Teachings on Consciousness, NonDuality, and Spiritual Awakening
  • Guided meditations to help you subjectively recognize yourself as Consciousness 
  • Guided meditations to help you explore the eternal and infinite nature of Consciousness
  • Quartz crystal singing bowl sound baths to help your nervous system relax and to help entrain your brainwaves to a meditative state
  • Awakening practices for the body and teachings about the role of the body in spiritual awakening. 

8 spots are available: 4 chairs and 4 large floor cushions. Please RSVP on my scheduling system here

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Later Event: September 9
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