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Intro to Spiritual Awakening & Meditation


POiNT Health Collective, Beverly Rd Building, Room 1

This group is for people who are newer to spiritual awakening and/or meditation. 

This group is about 60% discussion and 40% practice. I provide teachings on the basics of Consciousness, Mindfulness, Embodiment, Meditation and Spiritual Awakening. Each group may include:

  • Teachings on the basics of mindfulness, consciousness, awareness, embodiment and spiritual awakening
  • Short guided meditation practices to help your mind focus, settle, and open. This group offers objective meditation practices, which serve as stepping stones to the subjective meditation practices provided in my other awakening group.   
  • Quartz crystal singing bowl sound baths to help your nervous system relax and to help entrain your brainwaves to a meditative state

8 spots are available: 4 chairs and 4 large floor cushions. Please RSVP on my scheduling system here.