I offer traditional psychotherapy that is deeply informed by nondual wisdom. 

I am happy to meet you “where-ever you are”. Which means our sessions may look like traditional psychotherapy - processing and releasing your past, working through the themes of your present life, and touching into your future purpose and pathways. Or, you may be more interested in exploring transcendence and integrating spiritual awakenings - sacred realizations of Consciousness.

Over time, we will inevitably explore both the realms of psychology and spirituality and the mysterious ways they overlap.

I will assist you in discovering and embodying a natural capacity to heal and flow in alignment with your deeper wisdom. My techniques are deeply transformative and designed to ignite abundance in your life long after our sessions end. 

My perspective on emotion is a powerful aspect of my work.

I see a sacred design within all emotion and can help you experience emotion as intelligent energy sourced from love. I can show you that every emotion contains healing power and that misunderstanding emotion leads to suffering. I help you begin to experience every emotion as a guide to happiness. 

My personality is bright and alive, giving me an uplifting therapy style.

I compassionately help with any pattern that obstructs true happiness. I have an ability to stay connected to authentic light and love during dark moments - as we seem to be experiencing in the collective at this time. I am rooted in my direct connection to the good and loving nature of evolution and this is a powerful foundation for our work together. I do not minimize suffering, in fact I have deep empathy for all forms of suffering and darkness. But I do not get lost in darkness and instead hold a bigger perspective - a loving "container" - which empowers me to lean into and shine light into the darkest moments of your story. 

I see adults and couples in my office in West Asheville, by phone, and Skype. My work is grounded in the following traditions: