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I provide individual and couples therapy to adults of all ages. 

In my work, I help people relieve patterns that obstruct happiness and discover a natural capacity to heal and flow. I offer deeply transformative techniques and tools that continue to support my clients long after our therapy work ends. 

My perspective on emotion is the most powerful aspect of my work. I see a sacred design within all emotion and I help people experience emotion as intelligent energy sourced from love. I show my clients that EVERY emotion contains healing power and that misunderstanding emotion leads to suffering. I help people realize stop avoiding their emotions and begin to experience them as guides to happiness. 

Working with me is about finding divine wisdom alive inside and sacred beauty and power in all your experiences - including suffering. If you want to go even further, our work can be about discovering yourself as infinite and eternal beauty, wisdom, and power and integrating these realizations into all aspects of life - down to the cells of the body. 

The mechanics of my work are from the following traditions:


I have a rich background with the Enneagram and I use it therapy as a tool for psycho-spiritual transformation. It is a powerful tool for knowing yourself more deeply including the ways you are defended and contracted as well as the more expanded and subtle qualities of your authentic nature. It provides a pathway for us to see patterns of identification that are not real and points us to deeper more authentic realities. 

I use the Enneagram a lot in my work with couples. When used mindfully with care and compassion, it helps us understand the patterned nuances of our loved ones. It opens possibilities for deeper empathy and compassion with each other and softens the potential to take things personally and become defended in our relationships. 

I teach the Enneagram through the Enneagram School of Asheville and I have an open on-going monthly group where we explore, activate, embody and integrate the divine qualities of the Enneagram - the sacred essence of each type.  


Many of my closest family, friends, mentors, counselors and teachers are members of the LGBTQ+ community. I believe authenticity is essential to happiness and freedom. Many of my clients have had the experience of needing to hide sexual/romantic and gender identities. This is a lonely and disheartening experience. 

I've had the opportunity to help people in this community make peace with the past, release unsupportive relationships, and become empowered to embody authenticity.