I offer traditional psychotherapy that is deeply informed by nondual wisdom. I compassionately help with any pattern that obstructs true happiness. I assist you in discovering and embodying a natural capacity to heal and flow in alignment with your deeper wisdom. My techniques are deeply transformative and designed to ignite abundance in your life long after our sessions end. 

My perspective on emotion is a powerful aspect of my work. I see a sacred design within all emotion and can help you experience emotion as intelligent energy sourced from love. I can show you that every emotion contains healing power and that misunderstanding emotion leads to suffering. I help you begin to experience every emotion as a guide to happiness. 

My personality is bright and alive, giving me an uplifting therapy style. I have an ability to stay connected to authentic light and love during dark times - as we seem to be experiencing in the collective at this time. I am rooted in my direct connection to the good and loving nature of evolution and this is a powerful foundation for our work together. I do not minimize suffering, in fact I have deep empathy for all forms of suffering and darkness. But I do not get lost in darkness and instead hold a bigger perspective - a loving "container" - which empowers me to lean into and shine light into the darkest moments of your story. 

I see adult individuals and couples in my office in West Asheville, by phone, and skype. My work is grounded in the following traditions:


I offer a unique treatment integrating trance-hypnosis and sound therapy to stimulate, accelerate, and deepen psycho-spiritual transformation. Pure sound frequencies from quartz bowls entrain brainwaves from the normal beta state (waking consciousness) where stress occurs to alpha state (relaxed consciousness), theta state (meditative) and delta (sleep; where deep healing can occur).

The sessions begin with me guiding you into a deep and expansive transpersonal state of Consciousness. Throughout the session I play a spectrum of high quality quartz singing bowls tuned to 432 hertz - a frequency that is fundamental to sacred geometry. The frequency of these bowls bring a soothing beautiful vibration into your being - the resonance not only entrains your brainwaves but literally travels through the water in your body.

In these sessions, you experience a deep level of relaxation, peace, stillness and beauty in your mental, emotional, and physical systems. My trance-hypnosis techniques help you deepen your experience of your infinite and eternal nature as Consciousness. I individualize each session to ignite, accelerate, and/or deepen your unique psycho-spiritual needs. 


I am able to engage and assist with a vast range of spiritual-awakening phases or processes. Essentially, I form spiritual friendships and mentor friends through a process of awakening - from initial self-realization, into a spiritual-awakening process, and into embodiment and integration of nondual wisdom - a luminous and enlightened expression of life. I have a post describing these various "phases" in much more detail here


I have a rich background with the Enneagram as a tool for psycho-spiritual transformation. When used carefully and compassionately, it helps us understand the nuances of our patterns and of our loved ones. It opens possibilities for deeper empathy and compassion with each other and softens the potential to take things personally and become defended in our relationships. 

I teach the Enneagram through the Enneagram School of Asheville and I have an open on-going monthly group where we explore, activate, embody and integrate the divine qualities of the Enneagram - the sacred essence of each type.