Sacred Sound-Trance Sessions

Music can go where the medicines cannot reach.
— Muktananda

Embody your deepest intentions - set them into the physical and energetic centers of your being.

Experience your body as a light and luminous structure capable of profound transformation and freedom. Invite your deepest self to download wisdom, health, and transformation at your cellular level. My unique treatment integrates trance-hypnosis and sound therapy to stimulate psycho-spiritual transformation in your neurological, cellular, and energy centers. 

During the session, I play pure sound frequencies from large quartz crystal bowls. These beautiful frequencies bring a sacred vibration deeply into your being - literally traveling through the water in every aspect of your body. These vibrations will guide your brainwaves from waking consciousness (beta) where stress and separation is most intense, into relaxed consciousness (alpha), into meditative consciousness (theta), and into sleeping consciousness (delta) where deep neurological and cellular healing can occur.

The sessions begin with me guiding you into a deep and expansive transpersonal state of Consciousness. Throughout the session I play a full spectrum of high quality quartz bowls tuned to 432 hertz - a fundamental frequency of sacred geometry. My trance-hypnosis techniques help you integrate unique intentions into your being, experience your infinite and eternal nature, and imbibe this wisdom at the cellular level. I individualize each session to ignite, accelerate, and deepen your unique intentions. 


Sessions are $120 for 90 min. @ POiNT Health Collective in West AVL 


1st session - 20% off
bundle 4 sessions - 10% off
refer a friend - 20% off a session

Relax into sacred peace, vitalization, beauty and power. Release tensions and attune to your infinite and eternal nature. Sessions are individualized to your unique intentions - a powerful way to begin and deepen new spiritual intentions!