Tammy sees adults and couples in her office in West Asheville, by phone, and Skype. Her fee is $80/hour ($40 for 30 minutes, $120 for 90 minutes). She is out of network with all insurance. Tammy is happy to provide detailed receipts for your tax purposes or if you wish to on your own pursue reimbursement from your insurance.

Some of her training is in these traditions:

Contemporary Nonduality - Contemporary Psychodynamic Psychotherapy - Sound Healing - Transpersonal Hypnotherapy - Tantric Traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism - Attachment Theory - Enneagram - Jungian Shadow Archetype Work - Compassionate Nonviolent Communication | Dynamic Emotional Integration | Somatic Awareness and Experiencing

Tammy works with mystical seekers and awakeners who are interested in healing past conditioning and embodying sacred wisdom. Psychology and Mystical-Spirituality are symbiotic paths - both are essential for true and lasting happiness.

If you work with Tammy over time, you will inevitably explore both the realms of psychological healing and mystical awaking and the mysterious ways they overlap.

Tammy will assess and meet you in your process and then nudge you deeper at a comfortable pace. Your session may involve modern psychotherapy - making peace with your past conditioning, harmonizing and vitalizing your present, and aligning with your brightest future.

Your sessions will also go beyond talk therapy into the Sacred using the pathways of transcendence (the sacred is beyond the “mundane”) and immanence (the sacred permeates the “mundane”). Tammy will help you establish and deepen your psycho-spiritual transformations using unique sacred-sound techniques.

Tammy’s perspective on emotion is a powerful aspect of her work.

She sees a sacred design within all emotion and experiences emotion as intelligent energy sourced from love. She will show you that every emotion contains healing power and that misunderstandings leads to suffering, not emotional energy. She will help you experience all your needs and emotions as sacred guides to happiness. 

Tammy’s personality is bright and alive, giving her an uplifting therapy style.

She is compassionate toward any pattern that obstructs happiness. She is able to stay connected to authentic light and love during difficult moments - which our collective is experiencing at this time. Tammy stays rooted in her intimate connection to the good and loving nature of evolution - the inherent beauty of life - and this is a powerful foundation for her work.

Tammy has deep empathy for all forms of suffering but does not get lost in darkness. She holds a much bigger perspective based in beauty - a loving "container" - which empowers her to move toward and shine light into the darkest moments of your story. 


Tammy plays pure sound frequencies from large quartz crystal bowls. These beautiful frequencies bring a sacred vibration deeply into your being - literally traveling through the water in every aspect of your body. These vibrations guide brainwaves from waking consciousness (beta) where stress and separation is most intense, into relaxed consciousness (alpha), into meditative consciousness (theta), and into sleeping or trance consciousness (delta) where deep neurological and cellular healing can occur.

During the session Tammy will use hypnotic techniques to guide you into a deep and expansive state of Consciousness. You will be surrounded by a full spectrum of high quality quartz bowls tuned to 432 hertz, played throughout the session at varying intensities. Tammy will progressively deepen the journey using her unique 3 stage technique.

IGNITE and embody your deepest intentions - set them into the physical and energetic centers of your being. Experience your body as a light and luminous structure capable of profound transformation and freedom. Invite your deepest self to download wisdom, health, and transformation at your cellular level.

“Music (vibrations) can go where the medicines cannot reach”.
— Muktananda


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