I have had the good fortune to work with a wide range of people in my private practice as well as community clinics - I am comfortable with many different themes. My career began in the Veterans Health System where I had the opportunity to work in many departments and gathered experience providing psychotherapy to Veterans with severe PTSD, thought disorders, mood disorders, addictions, homelessness, and geriatrics. 

I prefer wellness rather than illness models. I believe we all have the capacity to lose touch with natural well-being and wholeness, so I am very interested in each person's level of self-awareness and self-compassion. I have clients struggling with intense emotional, mental, and somatic disturbances. I also have clients who are relatively at ease yet seeking to know themselves more deeply - mind, heart, body, and spirit.

That said, these are 3 areas that I particularly enjoy:


The psychology of spiritual awakening is a fascinating field gaining momentum. I understand the ways psychology and spirituality overlap and I love being able to integrate and weave these pathways.

I enjoy working with people who interested in the relationship between psychotherapy and spirituality. I am drawn to help my clients explore spiritual paths and embody and integrate their awakening experiences. I know many spiritual and mystical traditions and offer an energetically rich and nurturing space for contemplation, healing, and expansion.


Many of my closest family, friends, mentors, counselors and teachers are members of the LGBTQ community. I believe authenticity is essential to happiness and freedom. Many of my clients have had the experience of needing to hide sexual/romantic and gender identities. This is a lonely and disheartening experience. 

I help my clients face and heal wounds related to stigma, discrimination, rejection, marginalization and isolation from loved ones and society. I've had the opportunity to help people make peace with the past, release unsupportive relationships, and become empowered to embody authenticity.


I love working with parents who are interested in cultivating kind, deep, playful connections with our little ones. Parenting is such an intense journey - deeply nourishing and depleting. Getting support along the way is essential - we cannot draw water from an empty well

I have a son and daughter under 4 years old. I love the styles of Attachment Parenting, Peaceful Parenting, and Resources for Infant Educarers RIE - and I integrate these principles in my family. I help clients explore parenting styles/approaches and embody the most authentic path to parenting. I am very accepting of different styles and honor what works best for each family dynamic. 

Rather than striving for perfection, we discover how to love ourselves into wholeness.
— Tara Brach